23rd year of the international children art contest

Green World 2018

Information on the contest:

The Slovak Environmental Agency organizes the 23rd year of the international children art contest GREEN WORLD 2018 the initiator of which is the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic. The auspices of the contest have been taken over by the Representation of the European Commission in the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Commission for UNESCO.


By this contest, the Slovak Environmental Agency tries to inculcate children with the relation to the nature and environment by developing habits and skills in the artistic manifestation. The contest works should have the creative and motivating character presenting the relation of children to life and nature.

Theme:  Change or transformation?


Deadline March 31 2018
Jury meeting  April - May 2018
Celebratory competition results announcement  May 2018
The exhibition's duration  May-June 2018