GREEN WORLD 2018 relating to CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION of our way of life conditioned by CLIMATE CHANGES

Banská Bystrica, 20. November 2017


     Clean gurgling rivers and brooks, green grass, blooming flowers and trees, clean air, drinking water, or healthy and satisfied animals. We can imagine such world, but looking at our planet does not give us many reasons for optimism. More and more often we are bothered by extreme weather fluctuations, global warming, floods, soil slides, whirlwinds, excessive noise, or high quantity of greenhouse gases. Climatic changes pose one of the biggest environmental, social and economic threats at present. The nature tries to protect us and support our everyday life, but it is helpless towards our lack of consideration. We do not realize sufficiently yet that the clean environment is a basis for human health, but also for our mental well-being. Therefore, the initiator of the 23rd year of the international children art contest GREEN WORLD 2018, i.e. the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic (MEn SR), invites young artists to create fine art works where their views at necessary CHANGES or TRANSFORMATION of our way of life conditioned by CLIMATE CHANGES will be reflected.


      The contest works concerning the subject “CHANGE or TRANSFORMATION?” should have the creative and motivating character presenting the relationship of children to life and the nature. Each of fine art works must be identified in accordance with the contest instructions and must also meet the defined technical conditions that can be found at the website: All contest works must be sent in by 31 March 2018 to the contest organizer’s address, i.e. the Slovak Environment Agency. The expert jury will then select winners of the contest in three categories: Drawing, painting, graphics, combined techniques; Children animated film; and Comics. The jury will award prizes to the best works in the individual contest categories and at the same time it will award the main prize of the contest. The award ceremony is scheduled for May 2018.


    The organizer of the Green World 2018, i.e. the Slovak Environment Agency (SEA), tries to inculcate through the contest, together with the environmental sector, children with the relation to the nature and the environment by developing habits and skills in the artistic manifestation. Activities of the SEA and the Ministry of Environment of the SR are also supported in this sphere by the Representation of the European Commission in the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Commission for UNESCO that have taken over the auspices of the 23rd year of the contest. The partners of the contest are also the State Nature Protection of the SR, the Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology, the Slovak Mining Museum, and the National ZOO Bojnice.